Market Analyst / Trader Content Creator


Do you want to join one of the best writing teams in the cryptocurrency world?

We pride ourselves in providing our audience some of the highest quality blockchain content on the Internet, and we can't do it without our team of awesome writers. This position falls under our premium content team, where writers will need a strong trading background within the Cryptocurrency space to contribute effectively.


  1. Must have well defined trading methodology
    1. You should be able to articulate exactly how you think about trading in both bear and bull markets. This strategy should be holistic and based off of proven and well understood processes.
  2. Must be able to articulate strategy and ideas on trading effectively
  3. Must have >2 years of trading experience
  4. Must be personally invested in the Cryptocurrency market
  5. Must be self motivated to learn, collaborate, and share ideas with an awesome team
  6. Want to grow with the CoinCentral brand.
    1. We are looking for individuals who are as stoked as we are with crypto, and are on board with our mission of bringing high quality content to the masses.
  7. Consistent output. You must be able to commit to a minimum of 3 PREMIUM articles/month (ideally 4/month)
    1. Premium articles are defined as 1500+ words with an in depth research phase.


Be seen as a thought-leader in the blockchain space: Your personal brand will be associated with CoinCentral's premium content team.

Competitive pay: we believe in compensating our writers fairly for their high-quality work.

Free access to many events across the globe: we’re honored to partner with so many high-quality events around the world.

Flexibility on topics: Once you get the hang of our writing style, you’ll have some freedom in what you want to write about.

Our shirts are really comfortable: true story.

Opportunities for growth: We're growing extremely quickly and prefer to hire from within our team for various positions.

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